Manager of the Year Nominees

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Every quarter employees are encouraged to submit nominations for Manager of the Quarter. The managers who win this award are then in the running for the title of Goodwill Manager of the Year. Well, it’s that time of year! Learn more about our nominees below and don’t forget to vote through the link below.


Jeff Bloes – Database Manager/IT – 9 Years of Service

Jeff has developed a new method to reload computers, completed the IT section of the ASR and is guiding E&T through it transition from local Access based database to a SQL web based system. He always treats each customer with great respect and ensures they are completely satisfied. In addition, Jeff is shepherding E&T through the process of moving from Access to SQL we based database systems and keeping the project at or under cost.



Holly Schwietz – Work Experience Coordinator/E&T – 13 Years of Service

Holly has done an outstanding job with helping her fellow employees understand CARF. She took time with first-time CARF participants in explaining why we document the way we are supposed to. Holly is extremely patient and always available to help. She is customer driven with each of the students in the Work Experience program. She makes sure each and every student is provided a real opportunity to gain knowledge in a variety of work settings.



Loutissia “Tish” Yarbrough – Assistant Custodial Supervisor/Federal Contracts – 19 Years of Service

 Loutissia’s flexibility and humor at work keeps her team positive and bonds the staff together when things are tough. Tish is hard working, surprising her Manager with taking the initiative to learn floor care machines. Tish is dependable, trustworthy and respectful. Tish has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in both her dedication to Goodwill as an organization and in her work providing high quality of custodial services to GSA and tenants.



Angela Houser – Retail Store Manager/Retail Operations South Papillion – 8 Years of Service

Angie shows that she cares about her employees and customers. She has tried to learn the language of one of her employees. All of Angie’s interactions with customers and employees show that she really cares about the store, customers, and employees. She treats everyone with respect and dignity. Angie is always willing to lend a hand or an ear if someone needs to talk. She is willing to teach new employees and old if they’re willing to learn.



Megan Sharpe – Career Services Coordinator/E&T – 10 Years of Service

Megan willingly jumps into projects and tasks to assist Employment and Training and Goodwill and does it all with her signature sense of humor and a smile on her face. She works for the greater good of Goodwill, which has been more than evident in the last few months. She embodies the core values of this organization every day by providing quality service for the benefit of program participants, thinking of more people than herself.

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