Hey everyone!
First off I just want to give great big kudo’s to the retail facility maintenance dept. Brett, and his crew do an outstanding job maintaining facility needs and on going projects throughout all 18 retail locations and trust me with that many locations there is not a day that goes by that they are not putting out an unexpected fire or two (literally some days).

Needless to say they are a very small team (2 field guys besides Brett) with a lot on their plate and in order to juggle it all requires operating under very defined structure .

The guys are getting several calls and emails from other depts. with request which they are more than happy to assist you all with as other priorities permit but in order to do so its critical that you complete a maintenance request form.

Here’s how the process works, if you have a maintenance request complete the below form giving a brief description of the repair needed (make sure you include your location) and that’s it. The facility team takes it from there and requests are completed on a per priority basis. It’s pretty simple, a toilet with problems, heating issues or a door in need of repair are going to fall high on the priority list as opposed to cosmetic requests like a fresh coat of paint or having a picture hung, so please be prepared to be patient.
They operate very efficiently, if they are at a location and time permits they try to knock out all the requests from that location in the same visit.
Retail’s been following this process for years and its very effective, once your request is submitted there is no need for a follow up email the guys get to it as priority permits.

Please be advised that retail will absorb the payroll dollars for your small projects but any supplies needed to complete requests will be charged to your dept. so make sure your supervisor approves any costs prior to submitting your request.

We are here for you, just bring your patience.

Kay Hilgenkamp

Maintenance Request